Lee Griffith Photography

Lee Griffith Photography - Great Southern Weddings - Western AustraliaLees’ photography is a mix of candid and documentary styles with an emphasis on relaxed, natural images.at Southern Weddings - Western Australia

It’s really important to me that you feel comfortable on your wedding day – not awkward or over posed. But really it’s up to you – feel free to pose away, or leave it up to me to provide a little gentle direction. Either way, we’ll work together to get the best out your photographs.

at Southern Weddings - Western AustraliaGreat wedding photography is all about understanding the vision of your day, and then translating that vision into fantastic images. Thats where I come in. Sometimes I’m a ‘silent observer’ and other times I’m a ‘creative artist’. I’ll work with you and take on what role is necessary to get the best images from your wedding.at Southern Weddings - Western Australia

Lee Griffith Photography - at Southern Weddings - Western Australia

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