Elle + Adhira


Elle + Adhira presents a boutique collection of bridal accessories that speak to a modern, confident bride – one who carries her own enduring and alluring edge into her wedding day.

Created in collaboration with designers from all over the world, Elle + Adhira’s veils, headpieces, jewels and accessories evoke a unique aesthetic shaped by a love of contrast between opposing forces – the light and dark, the soft and strong, and the elegant and exotic.

Our Sydney-based team collaborates with artists around the world to curate a deliberately small collection of pieces. The majority of the range is hand-made, and designers and creators hail from locations as diverse as New York, New Zealand, Scotland, Israel, and more.

Since launching, Elle + Adhira has grown quickly to service hundreds of women around the world so far. The brand speaks to a woman of strength and confidence who keeps a little of her everyday sexiness and edge, even as she walks down the aisle.

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